I can obtain the Japanese Used Van easily abroad.
If it is a new car, it is common to purchase from a buyer, but there is the method to obtain a used car through sale sites.
Even if oneself lived where, such a thing does not become the problem if it is business that I turn on a site.
In the sale site for foreign countries, the negotiating partner becomes the whole world except Japan in many cases.
In other words, I export it anywhere and am Masuyo.
But it may be said that a complaint can say nowhere and is in trouble because there is not a supplier near when a trouble happened.
Let's choose you carefully so that there is not such a thing when we choose a supplier.
You should purchase it from a reliable supplier if I want to obtain a used Van.
There are a lot of suppliers who export used goods to Japan for foreign countries.
carused.jp is one, too, but can use it in peace because I am making a deal with the world as a professional more than ten years.